Sakaida Kakiemon XIV Japanese, Living National Treasure, 1934-2013

Sakaida Kakiemon, the fourteenth generation head of the Kakiemon family, specialized in porcelains that demonstrate strong compositional motifs. He trained in Nihonga, a style of Japanese painting prior to working in porcelain with his grandfather (Kakiemon XII, 1878-1963) and his father (Kakiemon XIII, 1906-1982). In 2001, Sakaida Kakiemon was designated a Living National Treasure for his excellence in over-glazed enamel porcelains. His works harmoniously combine traditional colors and motifs in the Kakiemon style with his own contemporary aesthetic, cultivated through his training as a Nihonga painter.


Selected Awards and Exhibitions

2013–2017 Asia Week, New York, US

2014 Contemporary Japanese Ceramics, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C., US 

2007 Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan, British Museum, London, UK

2006 Appointed as Vice President of Nihon Kogeikai (the Japan Art Crafts Association.)

2005 Awarded with the Order of the Rising Sunn, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon

2001 Designated a Living National Treasure

Selected Public Collections

Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, US
British Museum | London, UK 
Kyushu Ceramic Museum | Arita, Saga, Japan
National Museum of Modern Art | Tokyo, Japan