Sakaida Kakiemon XIV Japanese, Living National Treasure, 1934-2013

Sakaida Kakiemon, the 14th generation head of the Kakiemon family, specializes in porcelains with strong compositional motifs. He trained in nihonga, or Japanese-style painting, prior to working in porcelain production with his grandfather, Kakiemon XII (1878–1963), and father, Kakiemon XIII (1906–1982). In 2001, Sakaida Kakiemon was designated a Living National Treasure for his excellence in over-glazed enamel porcelains. Sakaida’s work harmoniously combines traditional colors and motifs in the Kakiemon style with his own contemporary aesthetic. 


Selected Awards and Exhibitions

2013–2017 Asia Week | New York 

2014 Contemporary Japanese Ceramics, Embassy of Japan | Washington D.C.

2007 Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan, British Museum | London

2006 Appointed as Vice President of Nihon Kogeikai (the Japan Art Crafts Association.)

2005 Awarded with the Order of the Rising Sunn, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon

2001 Designated a Living National Treasure

Selected Public Collections

Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York 
British Museum | London 
Kyushu Ceramic Museum | Arita, Saga, Japan
National Museum of Modern Art | Tokyo