Ozawa Komin Japanese, Living National Treasure , b. 1941

This metal artist from Takaoka City holds the honor of being Toyama Prefecture’s sole “Living National Treasure of Japan.” Born in 1941 in an area known for its copperware, Ozawa is recognized today as master of the yakigata casting technique. He is also the inventor of a cast-wrapping technique called igurumi in which metal decoration is attached to the surface of the mold before molten metal is poured inside. Ozawa blends innovative technology with creative design to push the boundaries of traditional metal casting.

Selected Exhibitions

2015–2016 Asia Week | New York, US
2014 The Present of Living National Treasures, Tokyo National Museum | Japan
Extraordinary Kōgei Art and Contemporary Design from Toyama | Onishi Gallery, NY, US
2006 Solo exhibition, Takaoka Art Museum | Toyama, Japan

2004 Contemporary Japanese Metalwork Exhibition | Copenhagen, Denmark