Taguchi Toshichika Japanese, Living National Treasure, b. 1940

Born in Tokyo in 1940, Taguchi trained as a metal smith under his father after graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School majoring in metalwork in 1959.

Taguchi’s work is known for it’s beauty of simplicity in shape created by the sophistication of complicated lines which provides the viewers various faces of work from different angles.

Taguchi uses a material known as shibuichi, a metal alloy unique to Japan which combines silver and copper. During the process of making the work, the metal shrinks and expands to the artist’s desired shape by using shibori and nobashi techniques, through which the metal is hammered with patience and endurance causing the “hammer prints” that are characteristic to Taguchi’s work.


Selected Exhibitions 

2020  Asia Week | New York, US

2019  The 66th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, Japan
2018  Living National Treasure Exhibition, MOA Museum of Modern Art, Shizuoka, Japan


Selected Public Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, US

MOA Museum of Modern Art | Shizuoka, Japan

Jingu Museum | Ise, Japan

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan