Iede Takahiro Japanese, b. 1962

Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1962, Iede Takahiro is one of Japan’s most celebrated contemporary metal artists with his striking vessels being dazzling examples of his innovative metal-weaving technique. Iede takes inspiration from traditional Japanese bamboo basketry, and weaves strips of rigid metal of different colors. He first heats and hammers each strip so that it is crimped along its length, conforming to the shape it will take in the finished piece, then weaves the form of the vessel, starting from the centre. In 2016, he received the Medal of Purple Ribbon for Artistic Achievement from the Japanese government.


Selected Exhibitions

2020 Japanese Metalwork Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, US

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, FL, US | Asia Week New York, US

2019 Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition, Japan

2017 TEFAF New York, US

2016 Spring Masters New York, US | Group Exhibition, EAF Monaco, Monaco


Selected Public Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, US

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Tokyo National Museum, Japan

National Museum Wales, UK

Manchester Art Gallery, UK