Oshiyama Motoko Japanese, b. 1957

Oshiyama Motoko is a masterful female artist who is inspired by nature and natural phenomena. Fascinated by the challenges and beauty of metalworking, she seeks to seamlessly incorporate her medium’s idiosyncrasies into her work instead of using force. She creates swirling patterns through her technique of welding together two or more metals such as silver and shakudō (a mixture of gold and copper). Oshiyama gives distinction to her works with her modern sense of design, focusing on geometric and abstract patterns.


Selected Exhibitions

2015–2018 Asia Week | New York 

2017 The 64th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition | Japan

2016  The 45th Japan Traditional Kōgei Metalwork Exhibition, Sekido Museum of Art | Tokyo

2015 SOFA | Chicago

2010 Art Crafts in the 21st Century – Eye of the World, MOA Museum of Art | Shizuoka,


2008 The Beauty of New Metalwork, Sekidō Museum of Art | Tokyo 


Select Public Collections: 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York