Hata Shunsai III Japanese, b. 1976

Born in 1976, Hata Shunsai III is a metal artist whose family has been rooted in Kanaya-machi for generations. Kanaya-machi is a district in Takaoka, a city in Toyama prefecture, which is steeped in history. This area of Japan has been well known for centuries for its exceptional metal ware crafts. To this day, some of the best metal artists including Living National Treasures, hail from this area. Hata has carried on his family’s tradition of making teakettles, learning the craft by observing his father at work since his youth.


 Selected Public Collections

Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York 

National Museum of Modern Art | Tokyo, Japan

Yakushiji Temple | Nara, Japan 

Sano Culture Center | Tochigi, Japan