Murose Kazumi Japanese, Living National Treasure, b. 1950

Murose learned urushi in earnest at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and studied under the urushi master and Living National Treasure Matsuda Gonroku (1896-1986). Gonroku’s principle student, Taguchi Yoshikuni (1923-1998), was also Murose’s mentor. Under their tutelage, Murose learned as a craftsman about the rich history and techniques of urushi.


Selected Awards and Exhibitions 

2016 Asia Week, New York, US

2014 Engendering Beauty, Preserving Techniques: Artworks by Living National Treasures, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, Japan | URUSHI: Masterpieces of Lacquerware by Kazumi Murose, Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon, US

2013 From Crafts to Kōgei: In Commemoration of the 60th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo | Contemporary Kōgei Styles in Japan, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida, US

2007 Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan, British Museum, London, UK

Selected Public Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York 

British Museum | London

Victoria and Albert Museum | London

Jingū Museum of Fine Arts | Ise, Mie, Japan 

Narukawa Art Museum | Hakone, Kanagawa 

Japan National Museum of Modern Art | Tokyo, Japan