Uozumi Iraku III Japanese, Living National Treasure , b. 1937

Uozumi Iraku III was born in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1937 and was designated a Living National Treasure for the gong or dora in 2002. Uozumi trained under his grandfather, Uozumi Iraku I, who was also known as a pioneer of dora craftsman and was appointed a Living National Treasure for dora. Dora is an essential piece to be used in a tea ceremony. The low sound of the gong is made just before entering the tea room putting the mind at rest. From grandfather to grandson, the spirit of tea ceremony “wabi sabi” as well as its manners have been handed down. The dora is made with a metal alloy called sahari, a combination of bronze and tin.


Selected Exhibitions 

2020 Asia Week | New York, US
2019 The 66th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition | Japan
2018 Living National Treasure Exhibition, MOA Museum of Modern Art | Shizuoka, Japan


Selected Public Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, US

Philadelphia Museum of the Arts | US

Yakushiji Temple | Nara

Shitennoji Temple | Osaka, Japan

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan