Katsura Morihito Japanese, Living National Treasure, b. 1944

Katsura Morihito’s family history of being metalwork artists dates back to the Edo period of the 1600s when the family settled in Tokyo. The Katsura school named after his family name became renowned for its metal fashion accessories, such as obi sash clips and ornately decorated tobacco cases. Katsura has been recognized in exhibitions of traditional Japanese crafts for outstanding skills in inlaying and decorative painting along for his lifelong commitment to Edo metal sculptures.


Selected Exhibitions
2020  Asia Week New York, US
2019  “20 Passions for Crafting Crafts,” National Museum of Modern Art,
          Tokyo Craft Gallery, Japan
          The 66th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, Japan
2018  Living National Treasure Exhibition, MOA Museum of Modern Art,
          Shizuoka, Japan
         “Edo Metal Sculpture and the World of Metal Craft,” Nerima

          Art   Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2014  “The Present of Living National Treasures,”
          Tokyo National Museum, Japan


Selected Public Collections
The Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, US

MOA Museum of Modern Art | Shizuoka, Japan

Imperial Household Agency of Japan

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan