Iino Ichiro b. 1949

After completing an MFA in Metal Carving at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1975, Iino Ichiro worked as a goldsmith in Tokyo and exhibited works across Japan and Europe. Iino’s work is known both in traditional and contemporary metalwork fields in Japan. He applies Japan’s centuries-old metal materials such as shakudo and shibuichi onto his work as well as the refined pieces of jewelry that he makes. In 2000, he was awarded a fellowship in Europe and Australia sponsored by the Government of Japan. He is currently a Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and the acting Director of Yamanashi Jewelry Museum.


Selected Exhibitions

2020 Asia Week | New York

2019 “The Modern Minstrels in Metalmaking,” Lixil Gallery | Tokyo, Japan

2017 “The Landscape of the Metalsmith’s Work,” The University Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts 

2011 International Metal Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center | Beijing, China

2009 International Metal Art Exhibition, Beijing Tsinghua University | China

2006 Japanese Art Jewellery Today, The National Museum of Modern Art | Tokyo, Japan


Selected Public Collections

Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York 

The University Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts |  Japan