Iino Ichiro b. 1949

After completing an MFA in Metal Carving at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1975, Iino Ichiro worked as a goldsmith in Tokyo and has exhibited in both Japan and Europe. Iino’s work is known both in traditional and contemporary metalwork fields in Japan. He’s well respected (not sure the right word?) for applying Japan’s centuries old metal materials such as shakudo and shibuichi onto his work, and also jewelry works which are sophisticated and refined yet playful. In 2000, he won and completed a fellowship in Europe and Australia sponsored by the Government of Japan. He is currently a Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and the Director of Yamanashi Jewelry Museum.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Asia Week New York, US

2019 “The Modern Minstrels in Metalmaking,” Lixil Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2017 “The Landscape of the Metalsmith’s Work,” The University Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

2011 International Metal Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

2009 International Metal Art Exhibition, Beijing Tsinghua University, China

2006 Japanese Art Jewellery Today, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Public Collections

The University Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts |  Japan