Maeda Hideo Japanese , b. 1943

Surrounded by lush greenery, Maeda Hideo was born in Kumamoto, one of the most southern prefectures in Japan. He combines his knowledge of printmaking and inlay techniques to create ceramic wares with intricate geometric designs.

The repetitive patterns of his work evoke images of endless brooks running through rocky mountains or ripples emerging on the surface of a serene lake. Maeda’s aesthetic is inspired by nature, leaning towards earthly and neutral tones such as ochre, charcoal black, and white sand.  His works is created in the spirit of wabi-sabi, embracing the object’s simplicity, austerity, and modesty. Maeda is highly respected for his execution of original oxidized inlay techniques. He has received many awards for his accomplishments and his works have been featured in numerous exhibitions such as at the Kumamoto Prefectural Craft Museum, Daimaru Department Store, and Tsuruya, among others.


Selected Exhibitions

2014 Asia Week New York Solo Exhibition, Onishi Gallery, NY

2002 Solo Exhibition, Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center

2001 presentJapan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

2000- presentSeibu Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

1997 presentKumamoto Prefectural Art Museum