Shimizu Ichiji Japanese , b. 1961

Born in the Tanba area of Hyogo, Shimizu Ichiji established his own kiln Hakuyo-gama in 2004, after studying ceramics in his home town and other historic kiln sites such as Seto and Bizen. His works use delicate gold lines and scarlet colors along with sprayed slip decorations, and are highly praised for their contemporary twists on rustic and earthy conventional Tanba wares.  Since 2003 his works have been acknowledged in mainstream exhibitions that are sponsored by Japan Traditional Art Crafts Association, and the Japan Ceramic Exhibition, a biannual competition held since 1971.  As a rising artist, Shimizu won a special award sponsored by the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum at their twentieth exhibition in 2009.


Selected Exhibitions 

2013 Heritage: Japanese Works of Art by Contemporary Artists | New York