Earth, Air, Fire & Water : The Four Elements in Japanese Arts

2020年10月8日 - 2021年1月23日
Installation Views
Press release

Onishi Gallery is proud to present The Four Elements in Japanese Arts: Earth, Air, Fire and Water – a stunning exhibition that showcases the technical mastery of Contemporary Japanese metalwork artists. For generations upon generations, Japanese people have appreciated and incorporated natural elements into their everyday lives. They have adorned the interiors of their homes with natural forms, designed spaces that capture the natural world in the frame of a garden, decorated art objects with subjects found in the wild, and penned haiku poetry about details of the natural environment. In this landmark exhibition, featured artists draw upon the four central elements of earth, air, fire, and water in metalwork creations to communicate core themes and creative visions that ground Japanese art and life.


Featured artists in the exhibition include Living National Treasures Ōsumi Yukie, Nakagawa Mamoru, Tamagawa Norio, Uozumi Iraku III, Katsura Morihito as well as master artists Miyata Ryohei, Hata Shunsai III, Hannya Tamotsu, Otsuki Masako, Oshiyama Motoko and Sako Ryuhei.